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September 14

Announcer: Diana Barros, Lawyer TozziniFreire, IWIRC Brazil Member

9 am

Welcoming IWIRC - become a member

Liv Machado, IWIRC Brazil Chair, Partner at TozziniFreire, INSOL Fellow

Leyza Blanco, Shareholder Sequor Law, Chair IWIRC International

9:30 am

Cross-border insolvency and communication between courts

Hon. Judge Aline Mendes, Judge 3rd Civil Court of Araranguá/SC, IWIRC Brazil Member

Hon. Judge Anglizey Oliveira, Specialized Regional Judge Reorganizations and Bankruptcies - Cuiabá/MT, Academic Director IWIRC Brazil

Hon. Judge Erick Kimball, United States Bankruptcy Judge Court Southern District of Florida

Hon judge Mônica Di Piero, Judge 8th Civil Chamber Judge of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro/RJ, IWIRC Brazil Member

Hon. Judge Susana Arango, Delegated Superintendent of Procedures
of insolvency (Colombia), Director IWIRC Latin America

Hon. Judge Maria Cristina Zucchi, Judge of the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo

11 am

DIP Finance

Bia Faneca, Partner at Faneca Advogados, Immediate past Chair - IWIRC Brazil,
At Large Director - IWIRC International

Joana Bontempo, Counsel - Head of the Restructuring and Insolvency Practice, CSMV Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

Fabiana Solano, Partner Felsberg Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member 

Ming Dong, Partner JunHe LLP, IWIRC China Member 

Rosa María Rojas Vértiz, Part-time Professor (ITAM) and Consultant on Insolvency and Finance Law, IWIRC Mexico Member 


September 16

Announcer: Monique Antonacci, Founding Partner Bissolatti Advogados

9 am

Sale of assets in insolvency cases

Mariana Altomani, Coordinating Lawyer in the Corporate Insolvency area Forti & Advogados Associados, Regional Coordinator of IWIRC Brazil

Julia Tamer Langen, Senior Lawyer Veirano Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

Juliana Sato, Partner Titanium Capital, Alternative Asset Management Specialist, Financial Director of IWIRC Brazil

Luciana Celidonio, Partner Tauil & Chequer Advogados

Dione de Assis, Partner Galdino & Coelho Advogados

10:30 am

Alternative Plan by the creditors

Rebecca Oliveira, Project Director at IWIRC Brazil

Camila Tebaldi, Managing Partner KPMG Brazil, IWIRC Brazil Member

Victoria Villela, Lawyer Felsberg Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

Hon. Judge Giovanna Elizabeth Pereira de Matos Costa, Judge 2nd Business Court Judge of Public Finance and Public Records of the Contagem District/MG, IWIRC Brazil Member 

Otavio Balbino, Founding Partner Paoli Balbino & Barros Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member


September 21

Announcer: Camila Crespi, Lawyer Frange Advogados e IWIRC Brazil Member

9 am

The distorcion of substantive consolidation

Flávia Millard, Partner Paoli Balbino & Barros Advogados, Vice-Chair IWIRC Brazil

Sheila Neder Cerezzeti, Law Professor USP University, IWIRC Brazil Member

Carolina Kiyomi Iwamoto, Senior Associate Pinheiro Neto Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

Juliana Bumachar, Partner Bumachar Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

10:30 am

Practical aspects of the piercing of the corporate veil

Juliana Castro, Lawyer Siqueira Castro Advogados,IWIRC Brazil Member

Maria Tereza Tedde, Partner Salusse, Marangoni, Parente e Jabur Advogados, Academic Coordenator IWIRC Brazil

Flavia Andrade, Partner TozziniFreire, IWIRC Brazil Member, INSOL Fellow

Renata Oliveira, Partner Machado Meyer Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

Maria Fabiana Sant´Anna, Partner PGLaw Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

Tatiana Flores, Counsel Lefosse Advogados, Director IWIRC Brazil


September 23

Announcer: Fernanda Nabahan, Lawyer Felsberg Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

9 am


Paula Di Cesar, Lawyer Duarte Forssell Advogados, IWIRC Brazil Member

Isabel Picot, Partner Galdino & Coelho Advogados INSOL Felow, Regional Coordenator IWIRC Brazil

Nyana Miller, Counsel Sequor Law IWIRC International Latin America Director

Leyza Blanco, Partner Sequor Law, Chair IWIRC International

Sheila Ng, Partner Rajah & Tann Singapura, INSOL Fellow, Co-Chair IWIRC Singapura

10:30 am

Consumer Bankruptcy

Irini Tsouroutsoglou, CEO Irini Tsouroutsoglou, IWIRC Brazil Member

Liv Machado, Partner TozziniFreire, INSOL Fellow, Chair IWIRC Brazil 

Juliana Biolchi, General Director Biolchi Empresarial, IWIRC Brazil Member

Hon. Sage M. Sigler, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, Northern District of Georgia. IWIRC Georgia Member

Waleska Miguel Batista, Lawyer, Master in Sustainability

12 pm


Tatiana Flores, Counsel Lefosse Advogados, Director IWIRC Brazil